Tenor Ukelele

The tenor ukulele is larger than the concert. Because of the increased body size, its voice begins to sound a little fuller. It can be built to accept a low G string, adding more to the bottom end. Necks can be 12- or 14-frets to the body with through-the–head or slot head tuners. Today there is even the option of through-head tuners that look and feel like friction pegs, but have internal planetary gears for smooth, positive tuning that stays put.

The challenge in making a beautiful sounding ukulele is keeping them lightweight, but strong. Having less driving force than the strings of a guitar, it’s important to learn how to capture as much of the ukulele strings’ energy to produce clear and strong notes with enough sustain. Stetson tenor ukuleles are truly a serious player’s dream.

To explore the endless possibilities for your ukulele, review the choices and options outlined in the Pricing section.