OM Style

The OM is a versatile workhorse. Flatpickers and fingerstylists alike are drawn to the OM guitar because of its even sound and surprising volume that projects well. While fourteen-fret necks are the most common, there’s a resurgence of players who appreciate the shorter twelve-fret neck because of the shorter overall string length, resulting in less string tension.

Wood choices are many. Between the back/sides and the top there are almost endless combinations to consider. By adding bracing choices to the equation you can see that the guitar you end up with will truly be yours. For instance, a red cedar top will bring warmth to your music and the time it takes for the new instrument to “open up” is almost immediate. Sitka spruce, on the other hand, will have a bolder sound, but will take time to open up and reach its potential. This instrument is most often seen with a red spruce top, but woods like Englemann spruce, redwood, lutz, and European spruce are other tone woods used to make wonderful instruments. Because the characteristics of each top wood vary considerably, there is much overlap in what each species brings to the musical table. And when coupled to the many choices of back and sides, it’s no wonder two identical looking guitars can sound quite different.

If you then consider a 12- or 14-fret neck and bracing options added to all the wood choices, you can see that the many decisions you get to make up front will ultimately give you something truly your own. And what about that intricate climbing vine inlay you had your heart set on for the fret board…

To explore the endless possibilities for your guitar, review the choices and options outlined in the Pricing section. For wood choices not listed, call to discuss.