This is a big guitar. When I made the first one a number of years ago I was concerned about ending up with a bass-heavy instrument with weak trebles, so I abandoned the traditional scalloped X brace design. Instead, I chose a double X design with a parabolic cross section. The result was a very even, crisp sound — excellent for flat picking, but surprisingly respectable for finger style. When coupled to numerous choices of available pickups, this is a great stage/performance guitar. It has presence!

If you’re looking for more bottom end, it’s not hard to bring it about. By scalloping the bracing and/or changing to the traditional X with finger braces, you can have a sound similar to a traditional Dreadnought — plenty of bass, plenty of punch.

Regardless of how you want it tailored, this is one of my favorites. The basic Jumbo uses East Indian rosewood for the back and sides and either a red spruce or Englemann spruce top. As opposed to classical guitars, when you enter the world of steel string guitars the choices for back and side woods increases considerably, as do your choices for embellishment.

To explore the endless possibilities for your guitar, review the choices and options outlined in the Pricing section. For wood choices not listed, call to discuss.