Concert Ukelele

The first ukulele I ever made was the result of a challenge laid down by fellow luthiers. We would each build one and compare and discuss them. What surprised me most was the amount of time I spent to make what I considered a respectable instrument. That first one was humble in that it was made from domestic woods and lacked much in the way of adornment. But the sound surprised me. It was a concert size and evoked all the ambience and emotion we’ve come to associate with the ukulele. It was sweet and warm and easy to play. I then realized I needed to take it to a more serious level.

There are many wood choices starting with the traditional all-koa body and extending to any of the exotics. I have made them simple and sweet or adorned them with complex bands of shell and wood inlays. Each one is as individual as you like and each is voiced with the same care and attention given all the instruments I create. Necks can be 12- or 14-frets to the body and can be fitted with friction, geared, or peg-like tuners with internal planetary gears.

To explore the endless possibilities for your ukulele, review the choices and options outlined in the Pricing section.